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Find things to do around the world. Find some inspiration with our guide to the best tourist attractions, fun activities and sightseeing, safaris and tours and more.

Here is a list of the Top Things to Do in the world;


  • Big Five Safaris
  • Gorilla Trekking in Africa
  • Wildlife Safaris
  • Mountaineering

Top Tourism Activities

Birding in Uganda

In almost every safari to Uganda, be assured to see birds, this is because Uganda has over 1,000 species compared to 7,000 in the whole of Europe.

Uganda is among the world’s best birding destination which boasts a great number of unique bird species of which are found nowhere else in the world. It is because of the favorable climate and attractive habitat.

Birding sites include Mabamba falls, Mabira forest, Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo national park, Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary in Kibaale forest national park, semuliki national park and wildlife reserve, Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Species include crowned eagle, green breasted pitta, rare shoebill stork, papyrus gonolek, yellow pancy, red glider, blue mother of pearl, whote-thighed hornbill, brown parrot, African fish eagle, black bishop, papyrus yellow warbler, Rwenzori  turaco, francolins, olive pigeon, fan-tailed raven and black headed plover. If you are one of those who like birding, don’t miss to visit this page

Wildlife in Uganda

Game viewing is one of the main safari attractions; you will see the Lion, Buffalo, Monkeys and other primates in the National parks. Uganda’s national parks have a rich diversity of wildlife species which gives a great opportunity to explore animals in their natural habitats.

Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo, Semiliki and Kidepo Valley national parks offers wildlife safaris and scenic viewing. The boat/launch trips are an added advantage to view wildlife. You can read more about wildlife in Uganda by clicking here

White Water Rafting

The longest river in Africa provides for rafting opportunities at Jinja. Information on rafting as one of  Uganda’s safari attractions has been gathered here…

The source of the Nile is located in Uganda, Jinja and because of the rapid water falls makes it a famous destination for rafting and bungee jumping.

A combination of Bujagali falls with roaming rapids; good scenery attracts many for relaxation. White water rafting can take half day, full day or two days. Click here to enjoy yourself with rafting and other safari attractions that accompany it.

Cultural tours

Though a small country, Uganda has different tribes with varying cultural traditions, customs, beliefs and backgrounds. The various regions of Uganda have kingdoms such as Buganda, bunyoro, tooro and busoga. The baganda are the dominant.

The recent restoration of kingdoms in Uganda has boosted up cultural sites…for example, Kampala which is Uganda’s capital city where we find the royal tombs (kasubi royal tombs).

Because of the different cultures it involves a number of attractions, ceremonioes and historical events. Music, dancing, visit of traditional sites like Mparo tombs, Kasubi tombs, Nakayima tree, local traditional beliefs, handcrafts, kabaka’s  lake and experiencing circumcision ceremonies among the Bagisu in eastern Uganda. The Batwa people and experience their conservativeness unique preserved culture in western Uganda.

The rich cultural traditions have led to the development of community tourism which has helped in improvement of the local communities in Uganda. All the cultural activities are eco-friendly and culturally respected.

It will be hard for you to understand the culture of Uganda tribe as every tribe has its own taboos and totems. For more information about the Culture of all Ugandan tribes


One of the most challenging mountains in the Africa includes the Rwenzori, having the highest Mountain ranges in Africa. All information about Mountaineering on Mount Rwenzori in Uganda has been gathered here

Rwenzori mountains are known as the “mountains of the moon” reaching an elevation, 5109m.The six snow capped mountains with unique vegetations provides a lifetime rewarding, adventurous climbing experience. The Italian Duke of Abruzzi, Prince Liugi Amedeo was the first climber to reach the highest peak.

The central circuit takes 8 days, but there is an option to hike for fewer days. Mount Elgon being an extinct volcano with everlasting flowers offers hiking and many other safari attractions through the different trail heads.

Ssese Islands

Lake Victoria inhabits 84 beautiful Islands which are still virgin. This offers a great opportunity for relaxation on the beaches while enjoying and feeling the cool lake breeze. While on the islands you can do a forest walk or natural walks and boat rides.

The islands can be accessed through public transport from either bukakata that takes 45 minutes or nakiwoogo ship from Entebbe which takes 3 hours. There are possibilities of hiring private boats. Activities include fishing, bird watching and nature walks. An ideal place for a honey moon holiday or vacation.

Sport Fishing

This sport adds much to Uganda safari attractions; it is done using a single rod and reel. The fish caught is not for sale. Uganda is well endowed with a number of lakes and rivers. Sport fishing can be done on Murchison falls national park and Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water in the Africa .Tilipia and Nile perch are the common specie.

Bungee Jumping

I had never intended to bungee jump but afterwards as the adrenalin pumped through my body and the rush took over, I struggled to contain the excitement. This had been one of the best decisions I had made in some time.

It remains one of the most bizarre and unforgettable experiences of my life; to force myself to leap from a platform at what seemed like an impossible height above the Nile. There no way I can explain it to you, but in fact we have made a full page for bungee jumping is you like it down here it is done on the source of the mighty River Nile

Forest and primates walk

Uganda provides an ideal ground for a true forest walk in over four forest reserves and that adds another soup to safari attractions in Uganda.

The primates are among the most popular features of Uganda forest which include more than 10 species. The largest yet most peaceful are the gorillas, who share 95% of their genes with humans. The mountains of Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks are home to five habituated and endangered gorilla troops.

Limited numbers of tourists can visit the gorillas (only 30 passes are issued per day), so as to cut down on any disruption to the gorillas in their natural environment. The chimpanzees (who are genetically even closer to humans) have been habituated for tourists, and can be visited in one of four areas which include; the Kibale and Budongo Forests, the Kyambura Gorge, and Ngamba Island.