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Best Places To Go On Boat Cruise Safaris In Uganda

Best Places To Go On Boat Cruise Safaris In Uganda

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Tourism in Uganda is as extensive as it gets. It’s not enough to just stand by the many rivers and see how magnificently they flow; you have to experience the waters up close preferably in a boat, lest you drown. There a number of game parks that offer exciting boat ride to help the tourist get better views of wildlife, reptiles and birds. Some of these you cannot see quite clearly from land and you need to get onto the water to get a clear view.

Boat Safari on Kazinga Channel.

Kazinga channel is a 40km natural channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward, and also divides Queen Elizabeth national Park into two. You can catch sight of various animals, birds and reptiles on a boat ride and on the shores of the channel. For many tourists the kazinga channel launch cruise is the highlight of their safari. You can see crocodiles along the shores, and numerous hippos along the shores and in the water. This small channel of water has the highest population of hippos in Africa! The launch cruise is a lot of fun, and gives tourists the chance to take photographs of the scenery, the animals they sight, and of themselves in the middle of such beauty.

You can also see monitor lizards along the shores. These look a lot like crocodiles and are sometimes confused for baby crocodiles. These lizards are that big.

It is not uncommon to catch sight of some elephants, and buffaloes especially on the afternoon rides. Buffaloes find protection in the water when they are alone and without a herd. The water gives them some bit of protection from predators. You may also get to see some predators such as lions get a drink of water in the afternoon.

Other animals that you might see on your boat ride include; waterbucks, antelopes, and the unique Uganda Kob.

Boat cruise in Murchison falls National Park.

Cruise to the bottom of the mighty Murchison falls in the heart of Murchison falls national park, Uganda’s largest and oldest national park. Also known as a delta Nile cruise a boat ride to the bottom of Murchison falls make your Uganda safari to Murchison falls an experience to remember. See for yourself how water strongly squeezes through that narrow gorge before pouring down into the devils ‘cauldron forming a rainbow. Also, look out for crocodile, hippos, buffalos, and waterbucks, which are spotted on the riverbanks. For birders, expect to see birds like African Darter, Goliath Heron, secretary bird, black-headed plover, osprey, white-faced whistling duck, veracious dove, rock pratincole, yellow-billed stork, pied kingfisher, long-tailed nightjar, long-toed plover, Malachite Kingfisher, Blue-napped Moosebird, Black-billed Barbet, Abyssinia ground hornbill, piapiac, yellow-fronted tinker bird and White-rumped seedeater among others. Like at Kazinga channel, boat trip at Murchison falls are done two times at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm daily lasting for three hours.

Boat Trip to the Delta.

Another interesting but more placid activity is the boat trip through the extensive papyrus delta through which the Victoria Nile flows into Lake Albert. Here again there are plenty of animals and birds to see with an excellent chance of seeing the rare Shoebill. This trip takes four to five hours. The lodge can assist with booking seats on the boat. As spaces are limited it is advisable to check availability in advance.

Nile River Cruises, Jinja, Uganda.

A river boat cruise is the perfect way to enjoy a few relaxing hours on the River Nile. We have a variety of cruises which all start from Explorers River Camp at Bujagali and explore the beginning of the world’s longest river.

Whether you are large group or small we have a cruise that will suit you. The Nile Explorer, our two storey pontoon boat is a great way for groups both large and small to spend time together.

Boat Cruise on Lake Mburo.

This boat cruise will get you to come face to face with the flora and fauna of the lake. And along the bank, you will also see many animals that come to the water especially in the dry season. You will also see many hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, buffaloes, and over 3 types of otters that are found in the lake. Also when it comes to the birds, you will view the malachite kingfishers, African Fish eagles, blue headed weavers, Rufuos long tailed starlings, the pied kingfishers, hammerkobs, Herons, pelicans, the rare shoebill as well as the cormorants.

This boat safari will also give you a chance to view the crocodiles as well as the hippos in their natural habitat and it has continued to be the major tourist attraction.

Ssese islands Boat cruise.

Ssese Island Boat Cruise Day Trip from Kampala takes us to explore the Ssese Islands – an archipelago of eighty-four (84) islands in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Ssese Island Boat Cruise Day Trip on Lake Victoria from Kampala offers guests an afternoon off from the hassle and bustle of Kampala city in Uganda to explore Lake Victoria Ssese Islands.

Ssese Islands consist of 84 Islands in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria in Uganda. The Ssese Islands occupy the northwestern corner of Lake Victoria and are mostly inhabited by the Bantu Speaking people who are close to the Baganda and the Basoga people of Uganda.

Ssese Island Boat Cruise Day Trip includes a boat cruise along the Lake Victoria, to the Ssese Islands. Alot of fun on the Boat. There is roasted fish along, And lot more fan not to mention.

You depart from your hotel or Entebbe Airport and drive to Entebbe Beach Coast where we take a boat from there we head to the Ssese Islands.

The later in the day we get back to Entebbe Beach.

Canoeing and boat rides on Lake Bunyonyi.

Another activity you can do is take time off to explore the Islands one by one, getting to know the story behind each one of them take for example the Akampene (Punishment Island) where the Kiga brought their unmarried girls whom they found pregnant, these would be forsaken and left for dead. You can make a selection of renting your own canoe or opting for a guided tour on a motorized and or non-motorized canoe. The choice is yours! Alternatively, the night rides are said to be more spectacular and fascinating for the reason that the waving waters, the alluring sound of the crickets and singing night-time birds make the journey nonetheless electrifying.

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