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Top most places to visit in Kampala

Top most places to visit in Kampala

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Uganda’s capital city Kampala is one of the most paramount cities in East Africa. It is strategically located on the shores of Lake Victoria the largest fresh water body in East Africa. It is the biggest and busiest city in the pearl of Africa with a population of over three million people. When you are on a self drive in Kampala, you will visit a number of attractions. Regardless on how you travel whether as a group, family, couples or leisure or for business, the city is very good to explore. The most paramount places to visit  include;  Local Restaurants, Kabaka’s Palace and lake, Parliament of Uganda, Kasubi Tombs, Ndere Center,Craft Shops, Night Clubs and  Religious sites
The local Restaurants in Kampala

Visiting these local restaurants in Kampala will make you enjoy the local dishes. These local dishes are prepared in a very unique way and they are served when they are well cooked.  The most common type of food served include; Matooke which is a staple for the largest ethnic group called the Baganda. This meal is served on the ordered meals by the customers. The other foods served include; Pillawo which is fried rice, posho and beans, cassava, potatoes, grained g-nut soup, boiled fish, sweet potatoes and grasshoppers. A number of local restaurants are found in the city of Kampala, some will be found operating on small houses while others will be operating on very big buildings. Tourists planning to visit the country and most especially the city for any reason being it business, vacation, do not wonder of any places to visit when you are driving your rented car. When you are your driving your own car you have rented, it will visit the most paramount places, while enjoying.

Top Religious Sites

Kampala city is the most outstanding town in Uganda with paramount religious sites. These include; Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral, Uganda’s Martyrs shrine Namugongo, Gadaffi mosque and Bahai temple. These are the most paramount religious sites to visit when you are in Kampala city. They will offer you insights of the protestant and Islamic history within the pearl of Africa.

The Kabaka’s Palace

Within the city of Kampala, it is where we find the Kabaka’s palace. Buganda within Uganda is the largest and strongest tribe in Uganda. This has been based on the rich culture and rich history in the past years. When you feel like locating Buganda’s sites, during your selfdrive, they are found in Mengo in a place locally known as Lubiri. When you are in Mengo palace, you will also visit the Buganda parliament called Bulange. Nearby the palace, there is the Kabaka’s lake, where you will get to learn about   the Buganda traditions.

The Night Clubs in Kampala

The city of Kampala which is the capital city is the city that is ever buzzing and it will never sleep. It has got a lot of entertainments and hang spots at almost every corner. When you have travelled as a group or as a family, you may wish to spend a night in the club dancing or at bar taking some booze or visiting any entertainment center listening to music and enjoying some soft drinks. When you are driving your car, you will have to drive safely at night. Most of these entertainment centers have gotten parking space which is just adequate to park your car. The most outstanding entertainment centers you will visit include; Club Ambiance, Nyondo club, Guvnor, Venom, Amnesia and club silk. These are a few of the hang out places you will visit when you are in Kampala.

The Craft Shops

The city of Kampala offers you the great places to purchase locally made crafts. O course these will be purchased during you self-drive when you are in town. Places where these crafts are found have got very permanent stalls and others have got temporary structures which makes them move from one location to another. You purchase local souvenirs for you to take home and also you will find plenty of very beautiful man made African designed items. These primate items will include; locally made mats, sandles,Bitengi (local shirt), bracelets, hats, art paintings, baskets,  plus unique wooden  sculptures and clay mouldings. When you are driving, you drive along   Buganda road and the Uganda National theater. A long these areas, you will find a number of craft shops.

The Kasubi Tombs

When you are in the city center, you will drive about 5 kilometers northwest of the city center on Kasubi hill. It is a UNESCO world heritage site which is used as a burial ground for the Kings (locally known as Kabakas) of Buganda. This place holds strong spiritual significance to the Buganda and has been ranked as one of the most popular attractions in Uganda.

Ndere Center

When you are with a guide or driving your self in a rented car, you will drive to Ntinda, where you will visit the Ndere troupe. This center has got unique African traditional dances and music, where you will enjoy a fusion of performances from several Ugandan tribes. Most of these cultural dances belong to the Bantu and Luo groups. At Ndere troupe, there are very well trained dancers and they do perform every Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. Do not hastate to drive their when you are in Kampala.

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