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Besides the interesting wildlife species, Uganda is a home to a number of spectacular waterfalls, one of which is Itanda falls found along the Nile River in Jinja district. It is a perfect site for whitewater rafters and kayakers and has attracted the attention of prominent tourists including Prince William of Great Britain thus making it one of the most precious hidden gems in Uganda, also referred as the “Pearl of Africa”.

This hidden gem is situated within Jinja along the Nile River just like the popular Bujagali Falls, which is just a few ripples now but it doesn’t mean that the Nile River is a boring site. Even with its beauty, many tourists don’t know about Itanda Falls except those that visit for whitewater rafting. To tourists, it’s an adventure spot but to the locals it is a sacred site or blessed place because most of the locals living around the falls pray at the base of a tree during times of need especially physical miracle.

Bujagali Falls used to be very interesting but became no more after the construction of the Dam and power Station. The breathtaking Itanda falls offer the real picture of what it would look like if the entire force of the waters of Nile River was unleashed. When you stand near the falls, you will feel the waters gushing at you with a powerful force but most interestingly be amazed by the thundering sounds of the rushing rivers that can be heard from a few miles away.

Itanda waterfalls have three levels of rapids that go from grade one to six thus rafters and kayakers have to be cautious of these levels. Due to the fact that it is hidden, many people don’t know about it thus making it relatively unspoilt because few tourists visit it, and tour operators rarely add it on their itineraries. But once you take you time to visit the site, you will be amazed by the beauty and power of the waterfalls that will make you want to stay at the place longer.

Due to the powerful nature and spectacular appearance of the waterfalls, a number of adventure activities can be enjoyed within Itanda falls and they include whitewater rafting, kayaking, swimming and sport fishing. Besides the watersports, other activities around the site include visit to the forest islands, bird watching and cultural walks.

The area is still non-commercialized and considered a sacred place by the locals thus you will have an authentic experience of the Nile in its full force without unwanted distractions. Additionally, unlike the source of the Nile, the way to Itanda falls is not paved with souvenir stands and hawkers shouting for you to but their items thus you will have a serene experience. At the heart of the waterfalls are Islands that spice up the experience and make you relax along the Nile.

How to Reach Itanda waterfalls

Itanda waterfalls are found at approximately 30 kilometers (45 minutes) drive from Jinja Town. When you get to the site, you experience an authentic Uganda wilderness. You will have to ask some of the local people because the way to the waterfalls is not clear.

Therefore, the Itanda falls is one of the must-see attractions within Jinja and Uganda in general because while at the site, you will be awed at the power and beauty of the Nile River. Not only that, it is a perfect site for rafters and kayakers that expect adventure in Eastern Uganda.