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Based within Budadiri, this community-based tourism experience allows tourists to explore some of the verdant coffee plantations and also learn or participate in the different regional cultural dance performances, traditional food preparation methods, legends in addition to tasting the popular Malewa dish (prepared from bamboo shoots).

While at this walk, tourists get the chance to tour some of Mount Elgon’s popular Arabica coffee processing plants, which supports the livelihoods of a number of local farmers. Interestingly for the nature lovers, there are three riveting hiking trails that include the Namugabwe Cave Trail (that lasts a full day) and transverses through the Bamasaba community land and large banana plantations and ends at the historical Namugabwe Cave filled with bones, the three days walk to Sipi falls that explored the culture of the two neighboring tribes (Bagishu and Sabiny) and finally, the Dirigana Loop Trail that leads to the magnificent Dirigana falls and Gabushana Cave past several local markets and the popular “Walls of Death”.

Mount Elgon is generally a home to two main tribes-Sabiny and Bagishu as well as some of the marginalized Ndorobo who were forced to occupy the thick forest of Benet. Nonetheless, these tribes have interesting traditional cultural, and historical backgrounds attached to the mountain. For example, the Bagishu, popularly known as Bamasaba take the mountain as their forefather-Masaba thus calling the mountain by his name. All these and more will be learned when you participate in the Budadiri Community walk during Uganda safaris.

Therefore, when you visit this community group, it is not only the serenity of the areas that will amaze you but also the fact that they offer accommodation facilities, cultural dances, car hire services, community nature walks, guided coffee tours, and many others. It is important to note that tourists who participate in Budadiri Community walks get the chance to spend their time enjoying ecotourism experiences. Therefore comfortable accommodation facilities are offered in form of eco-friendly Bandas built with typically local materials, cultural dances are also organized as well as guided coffee tours and community nature walks.

For more information and bookings for interested tourists, call on +267 772 623206 and +256 752 203292 or send an email to, and whatever you need to know about this community walk will be availed to you.

Besides the Budadiri Community Walks Ecotourism Experience, tourists who visit Mount Elgon National Park can explore other interesting cultural encounters with the Sipi Widows’ Group. On top of that, other tourist activities can be enjoyed from the National Park and these include hiking/nature walks, bird watching, Archery, Mountain/volcano climbing, sport fishing, and Mountain biking among others.