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Renting a Car for a Road Trip in Uganda

Renting a Car for a Road Trip in Uganda


Renting a car for your road trip to Uganda is one of the best options as it comes with very many befits one should have missed when in own car or public vehicle like a Bus or a taxi. A hired car is much cheaper and gives freedom to the hirer to travel around on his/her own pace either for sight -seeing safari, business trips, family vacations, city tour, picnic getaways or a special ceremonies among many others. The choice is yours to choose from a variety of Uganda car rental companies to offer you the service, here are some of the benefits of hiring a car for your safari.

You have a wide range of Rental Car Options; this is due to that fact very many car hire companies offer different types and model at a different price, so you can choose which one is convenient t to you and a budget friendly price. This help to save you from getting stuck with one car that may not satisfy your needs and interests at a particular time. The number of people you are travelling with and the destination type will determine largely the type of vehicle you will need. for people traveling a family a van supper/ custom is very suitable it can accommodate up to 9 people including a driver, for 5 and below a small 4-door sedan is very good, safaris cars include Toyota 4WD land cruisers with pop-up roofs, in built fridges, air conditioners just to mention but few.

rental cars reduces the costs for maintenance costs, once in your own car, you can wear out all the problem comes out while on the road like maintenance and repair, but once you hire a car the costs can be lowered. Many companies hire their cars under a comprehensive insurance policy meaning any huge damages resulting from accidents or robbery will be taken care of the company; however you need to cover for your life insurance and drive strictly.

Chances of driving newer models are very high if you do hire from a car rental company; this is because most car hire companies hire newer models which are good at economizing fuel/gas compared to the older models, so you may end up saving a lot. A newer car gives you the assurance while on the road as you are ensured not to get a stop over from the roam traffic police patrols plus.

you can enjoy free break-down service provided by a car hire company, this is because in case of any breakdown on the road, or any minor accident, they send a mechanic over a replacement at no extra charge. With, they have mechanists in various big towns so, they can easily send one to help you within few minutes and continue with your road trip to your destination, this is not possible in your personal car, where you have to hustle at your own. So don’t hesitate to hire from us.

With hiring a car with a tour company, you can choose to go for a self- drive or A Chauffeur/ Driver, if you are not well conversant with the destination you are going to, it’s better to hire a car with a driver. Drivers are well experienced and knowledgeable about each and every route within town and in the remote areas, so you can just seat back and relax and leave it all to the driver. So, cases of getting lost are limited when on a chauffeur and in case of anything a driver is the one responsible in fixing mechanical problem, lifting your cargo among others.

Hiring a car from a rental car company is the best choice and they’re very many reasons for hiring, so hurry and hire one today, just send us an inquiry to however you can also call direct to us on +256-751552950

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