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Self Drive Or Guided Safaris

Self Drive Or Guided Safaris


Uganda is gifted by many things but the most attractive thing that one shouldn’t miss is to go gorilla trekking in Uganda, either in Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla national park. Uganda is well-known for a wide range of bird species (over 1040 species), numerous wild animals which include the famous tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The country blessed with cultural tours, good scenic grounds, Ssese Islands and Kampala city – a city built on history and culture.

With all the stunning beauty; no wonder Henry Morton Stanley called it “the Pearl of Africa”. Uganda is Africa’s premier safari destination attracting tourists from all over the world but many travelers find it hard to decide whether to go on a guide or self drive Uganda tour.  Would I like to travel with a guide or by our self? It is important to make an informed decision.

Here are the differences between guided and self-drive trips, making it easier for you to decide what to choose. Please bear in mind, however, that choosing a self-drive trip doesn’t mean that you are completely on your own. Our office in Kampala – Uganda is available to assist you at all times and everywhere in the country, in order to give you the best possible lifetime experience.

A self-drive trip is cheaper because you don’t pay a daily rate for the guide or for his/her accommodation and food. Your choice of vehicle will also make a difference in the overall cost of a self-drive trip. While guided trips can be more expensive as you will have to pay for the guide but the overall cost per person depends on the number of people.

On a self-drive trip you drive yourself. This might sound appealing but remember that the one who drives has to keep his/her eyes on the road and can’t enjoy the scenery and he will get more tired than the rest. While on a guided trip, everyone in your group is free to relax and enjoy the scenery as your guide drives you around

On a self-drive trip you don’t have the luxury of asking a guide to explain certain things, animals or birds, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. While the main advantage of a guided trip may be the fact that you can, at any time, ask your guide questions, allowing you to learn a lot about this amazing country.

You may think you’ll have a lot more privacy or ‘together time’ on a self-drive trip. This will undoubtedly be the case, however, even on a guided tour we can schedule enough ‘alone time’. While it is a misconception that guided tours grant you no privacy. Our guide also needs this! Therefore, we always try to strike a balance. Basically, the guide is at your disposal when required but he will at regular occasions allow you to enjoy an evening of private dining at a restaurant or an afternoon to yourselves.

It is equally a mistake to think that you have no guide during your self drive trip in Uganda. Most of the activities we recommend and book for you are led by a guide. While on a guided tour, even if you undertake guided activities organized by the accommodation establishment and with a local guide, our guide is available to offer additional explanations, which with no doubt guarantee the quality of your experience. Hence once again you will be in the perfect position to enjoy and learn optimally about the culture and nature.

On a self-drive trip you are at some destinations responsible for your own game drives. This means relying on your own skill, as well as luck. This could result in either not seeing many animals or seeing an animal but not knowing what it is or what it’s doing. You can arm yourself with books for your self-drive trip; this increases on your luggage. While another major advantage of a guided trip, particularly on game drives, it is his expertise when it comes to wildlife. You simply have a much greater chance of seeing more animals with a guide than driving through the park by yourself. Our guides know where to find certain animals, what to look out for, are able to recognize and follow tracks, detect sounds, and so on.

Finding your way around while on a self-drive trip is not a problem because with tailor made safaris you not only get a detailed itinerary but we also supply you with a satellite navigation system at an additional cost for the duration of your trip. If you want to stop and take a picture of the scenery on the way, that is possible too! After all, this is your tailor made safari!

With that information, we are sure that you can now decide whether to make a self drive or guided tour in Uganda.

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