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10 Best Traditional Dances in Uganda

10 Best Traditional Dances in Uganda


For tourists who wonder why Africa and Uganda specifically,is called the origin of music,reading this article can help you explore the facts behind that belief.It is of late that western music has become popular in Uganda but still the cultural music and dance are greatly respected. Visit Uganda a country in Africa With over 15 tribes,each tribe has its own type of songs and dance that every individual in the tribe must be accustomed to.These cultural dances have specific tunes that are played before they are performed.

The traditional music and dance acts as a symbol for each tribe and it is very easy to identify a person by his or her dance in Uganda.When these dances are performed,even a person who does not understand the language enjoys and this explains why most tourists enjoy cultural dances more than the local people.

Cultural walks in Uganda by the tourists has greatly promoted to the long existence of these dances as the local people are motivated to keep on modifying and improving so as to impress the visitors.On many occasions,these cultural dances have been performed when Uganda hosts Foreign presidents and this was evidenced when Uganda hosted the Queen of England in 2007. She had a chance to enjoy the Ekitanguriro dance-from Banyancore people and Baakisimba-a traditional folk by the Baganda people.

Some of the dances and their respective tribes in Uganda are;

1: Ekitaguriro-by the Banyancore people.This is an old dance from the Ankole land for both men and women that is performed to demonstrate the love of the Ankole people for their cattle.

2: Ekizino dance-by Bakiga people specifically from Kigezi region in Uganda.This dance initally was performed when the king was going to settle disputes in the kingdom and thats why its known as a “COURT DANCE”.

3: Muwogola,Baakisiima,and Nankasa dances.These are Baganda dances that originated from the king of Buganda’s palace .Buganda is the largest tribe in Uganda  and it is found in the central near lake Victoria.The Kiganda dance is the most popular dance in Uganda and its very hard to find a Muganda who cannot perform this cultural dance.This dance is always performed whenever the Kabaka is going to talk to his people.

4: Irongo,Nalufuka,Tamenaibuga-performed by Basoga people found in the Eastern part of Uganda mainly to express peace and unity.

5: Mwanga dance-this dance is performed by the Bagishu people found in the Eastern part of Uganda, in the highlands.This tribe also known as the ‘Bamasaba’ who are well known for there cultural men circumcission(imbalu) that is done seosonally every year.This dance is perfomed when this cultural practice is taking place and they do it in a circle.

6:Akembe dance-by the Iteso people.This is a courtship dance from the Teso region in eastern Uganda.Its music is softly played on melodic instruments.

7: Runyege and Entongoro dance-This dance is performed by the Batooro people from western       Uganda.The dance is both ceremonial and cultural and it is mainly performed by the youth from this tribe when its time to choose their partners.

8: Adungu dance– performed by Alur people found in the West Nile region.This dance is performed on melodies from an insrument known as the Adungu.This dance is performed by the young boys and girls and it reqires someone to jump around in a particular partern.

9:Gaze dance -from the Lugbara people from the West Nile region.

10:Bwola dance-by the Acholi people found in the northern Uganda.This circular dance is performed by the older men and women.The fact behind the circular dance is that it represents the fence of the kingdom.









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