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Visiting the Busoga region today is an amazing and incredible thing in travel world as it offers visitors with astonishing experiences not just the unique culture of the region but also amazing attractions that leave a memory in travelers mind.

On a safari in Uganda, you should consider visiting the Busoga’s amazing attractions and historical sites. Here are the top attractions to be visited in Busoga:

Kagulu Hill:

An ancient and the first settlement place for the Basoga of Bunyoro origin led by prince Mukama. The hill is not popularly known to many travelers but once you visit this incredible hill, you will certainly appreciate the spectacular sceneries and views of almost the of whole Busoga area. The hill stand as an attraction of its own and if you are hiker or climber, then visiting this great hill will reward you a long awaited adventure. However, to make the hike a bit simpler for visitors, there are steps that have been constructed to help visitors get to the top of the hill.

Budhumbula shrine (Palace):

The site is composed of a shrine and the residence of the previous Kyabazinga of Busoga Sir William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope who passed away in 1976. This incredible shrine is covered by magnificent marbles that are composed of graves of other several members of the royal family for instance his father and mother; Yosia Nadiope and Nasikombi.

The source of the Nile:

The source of the Nile is mighty River and popularly the second world’s longest River which is marked by exploration of one of the first European explorers-John Speke. The source of the Nile is internationally acknowledged as a splendid attraction as it also comes with the tranquility and splendor of both Lake Victoria and River Nile. For visitors who get into this incredible source the Nile will be filled with a life time experiences.

Bujagali waterfalls:

While taking a safari to Busoga (Jinja), there no need to doubt about attractions and activities. Bujagali falls ancestral site for the Busoga ancestral spirits; it comes with tremendous rapids along the Nile, virgin nature across the area and the mighty Lake Victoria. If you are interested in adventure activities then the best option for you is to visit the Bujagali falls for amazing kayaking, white rafting and bungee jumping experiences.

Lake Victoria:

This is one of the largest fresh water bodies that you can explore while in a safari to Southern Busoga region (Jinja). The coastline begins from Jinja, Uganda and extends eastwards to the border with Kenya. While in a safari to Lake Victoria, you will enjoy amazing water rafting or boat cruise adventures and some notable water birds.

In conclusion, Busoga is an area of treasure that offers a wide array of attractions and activities that range from culture to related adventure experiences that reward visitors with a life time experiences. Visit Busoga region and you won’t regret taking a safari to this incredible place!