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Top 5 Things to Do in Uganda

Top 5 Things to Do in Uganda

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Located in East Africa, Uganda is a landlocked country bordered by five countries; this country was branded “the pearl of Africa” because of its hard-to find attractions and natural wonders. Its tourism virgin tourism fraternity is worth exploration and this explains why many foreigners yearn to have a view of this country’s rich sites. The country is blessed to have a number of tourist attractions ranging from forest reserves, Zoos, sanctuaries, game reserves and national parks. It is on record that this East African country hosts the highest number of visitors in the region and tourism is one of the key factors to this improvement.

In summary, there are some key tourism activities that have put this country to the world map and have continuously attracted people from different countries. These include;

Gorilla Tracking

This is the leading tourism activity not only in Uganda but in the whole of Africa. There are only 900 mountain gorillas estimated to be surviving in the world and these can only be found in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Among these three countries, Uganda is a home to the highest number of the primates with a total of about 450 all living in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks. This means that this country offers the best atmosphere for primate lovers and those interested in exploring about the world’s most endangered species. A gorilla safari to Uganda is interesting because it involves going near to the primates in the tropical rainforests where they live. This implies that a tourist is given change to spend some precious time with these great apes and also get nearer taking clear photos with them. It should be noted that gorilla tracking requires tourists to first obtain a mountain gorilla tracking permit which acts as an authorizing document to see the primates.

Wildlife viewing/Game drives

Wildlife a God-given blessings to Uganda. The country is proud to have a wide collection of different wild animals including those that cannot be found elsewhere in the world, Such animals include the famous tree-climbing lions of the Ishasha sector are found in large fig trees in the remote southern extremity of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Uganda’s second selling tourism activity is wildlife viewing and this means that its undoubtedly a good feeling to go on a game drive in some of the country’s national parks. Game drives in Uganda are common in Queen Elizabeth NP, Murchison Falls NP, Semuliki NP, Lake Mburo NP and Kidepo Valley National Park. Some of the wild animals found in Uganda include; lions,cheetahs,elephants,leopards,zebras,giraffes,buffaloes,rhinos,hyenas,busgbucks and many more.   A breathtaking game drive through any of the above national parks is life-changing.

Chimpanzee trekking

This is also another thrilling activity. Chimps in Uganda are found in Kibale Forest National Park which is found in the southwest of the country. These great apes are known for being man’s closest mammals. Their characteristics are common with those of human beings and this is what makes it interesting to view them in their natural habitats.

Birding Tours

Uganda, is known as Africa’s premier birding destination and with the list of birds found here topping 1,000.  These can be attributed to its location between the East African Savannah, West African rain forests and semi-desert of the North. Uganda offers easy access to bird-rich habitats that are difficult to reach elsewhere. The country has only two endemics; but if you only take East Africa in consideration, you could count 150 species to be found only in Uganda. Birds include  Ostriches, Grebes, Shearwaters, petrels, Cormorants, Darters, Pelicans, Bitterns, herons, egrets, Hammerkop,  Shoebill,  Ibises, spoonbills, Storks , Flamingos, Ducks, geese, swans, Osprey, Hawks, kites, eagles, Secretarybird, Caracaras, falcons, Pheasants, partridges, Guineafowl and manay others.

Cultural Tours

When it comes to culture, Uganda is one of the most gifted nations in the world. The country has over 45 ethnical tribes each with a unique cultural setting. This makes Uganda the most ideal place to go to by those tourists interested in knowing the real African culture. These tribes are found in different regions each with a cultural leader who command respect from his people. It is remarkably awesome to witness some cultural practices in Uganda like “imbalu” which is done by the Bagisu people to initiate boys into men. Cultural tours in Uganda attract people especially those from other continents other than Africa who come to see how people here are organized and how they live.

Other interesting tour activities one can enjoy while in Uganda include; bird watching, whitewater rafting, city tours, hiking, nature walks and boat rides.

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