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Guide to Visiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Guide to Visiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


A Complete Guide to Visiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, The Gorilla Paradise Of Africa

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the most famous of all gorilla parks. Located in southwest of Uganda, the park lies in the Kisoro district of South Western Uganda. This park is well known for harboring the rare mountain gorillas with an estimated population of about 400 primates staying here. This means that Bwindi is protecting almost the world’s population of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Bwindi is most famous for gorilla trekking, an adventure activity that can be taken in a few countries. With about 15 gorilla groups that have been habituated for tourist visits, the park is the number one destination where travelers can enjoy gorilla safaris. Many visitors who have visited the gorillas rank gorilla trekking in Bwindi as a one of a kind adventure given that the park offer trekkers the best trekking challenge in the wild! Bwindi is undoubtedly a gorilla paradise and you can check out amazing reviews on different travel forums.

Whenever tourists are planning for a Uganda safari, the first thing that runs into their minds is that question; where should I visit? Well, this is interesting especially if it’s someone’s first time to go on a Uganda trip. But one thing for sure that will keep on echoing in someone’s ears is that Uganda has gorillas. This will somehow persuade someone to include a gorilla tracking activity in his travel program. But the challenging aspect here will be where to go gorilla trekking. In Uganda there are only two national parks where these rare primates can be found namely; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Among these two, Bwindi offers the best atmosphere for the activity and tourists are always advised to visit this park for a guaranteed tracking experience.

Exploring Bwindi

The parks is wide enough covering an area of about 322 sq km and it is divided into 4 sectors which include; Ruhija, Buhoma, Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors. Among these, Buhoma sector is the most popular due to its uniqueness and the fact that it was the first to be established for gorilla tourism. While at this sector spectacular views of nature are expected especially from the established Munyanga River Trails in its valley which is popularly used for bird watching and primate views. Not forgetting a cultural walk through Buhoma as a thrilling adventure which involves meeting the local people with a rich-cultural setting. If you have ever had of the Batwa group of people who live in Bwindi, then you should go to Buhoma are because they are currently dwelling in this sector. Also the sector is rich with gorilla trekking atmosphere and its divided into 3 gorilla families including; Mubare, Habinyanja and Rushegura.

Close to Buhoma about 10 km, there stands Nkuringo sector. The distance sounds to be long but the ever-green breathtaking cover of Bwindi Impenetrable forest makes it to be short as one enjoys an eye-catching view. On a trek, connecting from Buhoma to Nkuringo takes approximately four hours. Unlike Buhoma which has 3 gorilla families, Nkuringo has only one.

Ruhija sector is considered the most remote sector compared to others. However, bird watching at this sector makes it amazing and thrilling. The sector has numerous bird species including those that are rare to find. The sector is also near the Mubwindi swamp which is just a 3 hour hike from Ruhija. On top of that, the sector also has 3 gorilla families; Kyaguriro, Bitukura and Ruhija.

The last sector is Rushaga which has the highest population of mountain gorillas.It has 4 gorilla groups including;-Busingye, Nshongi, Kahungye and Mishaya.

Key things to do in Bwindi

Gorilla tracking is the major activity to do in Bwindi. You can book for a safari to this park through an operator who will arrange everything for you apart from the international flights. A tourist is required to obtain a gorilla permit before being allowed to see the primates.

When to go gorilla trekking to Bwindi

Although Uganda is good for tourism throughout the year, the best time to visit especially for those interested in gorilla tracking is during the dry season. This is because rainy seasons make the roads through, the park muddy and not accessed easily. The rainy season in Uganda runs from March to May and October to November. That means that the remaining months are good for a Uganda Safari.

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