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Self Guided Tour to Murchison Falls National Park

Self Guided Tour to Murchison Falls National Park

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The Murchison falls National Park is one of Uganda’s most popular destinations which lie in north eastern part of Uganda and its known as the largest Uganda national parks. The park offers a spectacular view to the Victoria Nile which plunges 45 mover the remnant rift valley wall, creating dramatic Murchison Falls the centerpiece of the park. if you are planning a self-drive to Uganda most to Murchison falls national park  6-7 hours from Kampala via Nakasongola and Masindi you are at the park. However, if you have ample time, and only if you are interested rhino tracking, you can branch to Ziwa rhino sanctuary and visit the rhino, the sanctuary is located a few kilometers from Nakasongora Nakitooma about 15 kilometers. Ziwa rhino tracking costs usd40 per person.

It’s more important to hire a 4×4 safari vehicle such as Toyota Rav4, safari Van, safari Land-cruiser. However a car with pop-up roof is more suitable to choose as it will give you a glimpse to very many species of animals especially those who range in a far distance, you can even stand at the top and take photos of them. Murchison fall national park houses the big five mammals including lions, elephant, leopard, buffaloes; other species of mammals include warthogs, giant forests hogs, giraffes, hyena, black jackal. Still the park house very many species of primates in the Budongo forest national park a few kilometers from the parks headquarters, some of the species of primates include chimpanzee the closet relative to human. Other primate species that inhabit the include the red colobus monkey, the black and white colobus monkey, civet monkeys, grey checked mangbay and many others. The park is also a home to very many species of birds including the crowned plover, Africa crake, Bateleur, Flappet lark, nightjars, Nubian woodpecker, swallows, weaver birds, raptor, black headed gonolek, martial eagle, among may others, lucky visitors can spot the rare shoe-bill stock on the Nile river during the Nile boat cruise.

So if you are planning a self-drive tour to Murchison falls national park, you will have a lot of things to do/see at the park to mention some include

  • game viewing which incredible opportunity to view several species of birds some of which can’t be seen elsewhere in the world, you can either do game drives in the morning or in the evening to catch up with the big five mammals.
  • The launch cruise at the Nile river gives one more chance to have of spotting more species of wildlife such as hippos and crocodiles while buffaloes and elephants as well as various species of birds can be seen at the shoreline, this activity last for 3 hours,
  • chimpanzee tracking is one of the major activity done at the , the activity takes about 1-6 hours, other activities include;
  • birding watching,
  • nature walks,
  • community visits just to mention but a few, all these

If you are planning for your self drive adventures to Murchison falls national park, the key tourist activities for you engage in include game drives, launch cruise along the Kazinga channel, chimpanzee trekking, birding, nature walks, community visits and many more.

Where to sleep for a night in Murchison falls National Park

  • There are a variety of accommodation options in Murchison Falls National Park, safari lodges and camp sites are available to offer visitors that comfort and relaxation that they deserve while on self-drive safari in Uganda. The lodges range from budget to up market lodges, the most famous lodges for you to spend a overnight in Murchison include
  • Paraa safari lodge
  • Bwana Tembo Safari Lodge
  • Chobe Lodge
  • Pakuba Game Lodge
  • Red chill tented camp among others.

If you are planning a self drive safari in Uganda, you can save a lot of money on accommodation and hire the car with camping gears to get in touch with the natural environment.

Indeed Murchison falls national park is one of the must visit parks in Uganda one should not love to miss book your car now from us at car hire Kampala and have a great experience of your expedition.

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