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Open safaris vehicles VS Closed safari vehicles

Open safaris vehicles VS Closed safari vehicles


The comfort derived in the tourism vehicles
While on a safari in Africa, it’s advised for one to travel in the comfort of a safari vehicle this because safaris vehicles are deemed to be secure and strong to with stand the rough and tough terrain in the national parks areas. Safari vehicles are classified into closed safari vehicles and open safari vehicles with open ones being commonly used in South Africa and closed vehicles used in east Africa.

Closed Safari Vehicles
Open vehicles are used in the east Africa in the countries of Uganda, Kenya Tanzania, Rwanda and some parts of Democratic republic of Congo. They basically used because most of the east A

frican countries have extensive road networks thus making closed vehicles the way to go, another reason is safety from the fierce wild animals such as lions, leopards which may attempt to get the travelers but this is an un usual occurrences. While in a safaris travelers have to pop their heads and to view the wildlife or they slide the car windows to a have a view, others open up the roof of the vehicles and stand to achieve the best view of the animals in the parks. However some areas in East Africa precisely Tanzania haves also adopted the use of open vehicles but access to them comes after making special arrangements with the tour operators.


Open Safari Vehicles
open-safari-vehicle-leopardThese vehicles are by culture used in Southern Africa in the countries of South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Namibia and an open safaris vehicle there a lot more advantages to enjoy ranging from clearly hearing the sounds of the animals in the parks, having the smell of the animals as they scamper around the parks, some animals like the cheetahs can even have the guts to climb on the vehicles as you have the best view of them. However open vehicles to some extent can be a restraint for example in the rainy seasons, rain may have to fall on you if you are still stuck in the track and also during the sunny days it may get freaky hot as one is in the parks.
With all the above short piece information on safaris vehicles, any one traveling to east Africa. You may have to use one of the local tour operators listed in the travel directory on this website.


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