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Uganda Chimpanzee Watching Safaris

Uganda Chimpanzee Watching Safaris


Chimpanzees are man’s closest relative. They are the symbol of liberty and majesty. Spotting chimpanzees in their natural habitats has an incredible pleasure for most of wildlife enthusiast. Typically this creature is found only 21 countries in Africa with Uganda housing the biggest number all over Africa and the world as a whole, thus making a Uganda Safari worthwhile. There are several recognized destinations located in all over world where people can easily spot them but Uganda particularly kibale national park is considered as the great and well accepted place to spot them in their innate enviroment. They share about 98% of human genes: their brain is startlingly similar to our own; they also adapt to their environment and develop tools like humans do.

The topographical diversity of Uganda offers splendid habitats to the several species of birds and mammals. The country is bursting with ten national parks and over the four hundred wildlife sanctuaries. These protected areas preserve this rich and diverse flora and fauna. In the rich wildlife of the country chimpanzees have their position at the top. This is the cleverest animal found in the country and also a major attraction for wildlife lovers from all over the globe. These chimpanzees are considered as one of the finest breeds in the entire world, therefore attracting numerous travelers who come to Uganda form several countries to spot this amazing creature.

There are several remarkable wildlife destinations scattered around the country and providing the shelters to this clever creature. These reserves have also become popular tourists spots for Uganda Tours, nature and wildlife lovers and these include kibale forest national park, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary near Entebbe, bwindi impenetrable forest, Budongo and Kanyiyo Pabidi near Murchison Falls however Kibale forest National Park is regarded as one of the finest places in the country to spots majestic animals. Kibale National Park is located in western Uganda, 26km south-east of Fort Portal town. Kanyanchu River Camp, the primary centre for tourism activities, can be reached from Kampala either from the north, via Mubende and Fort Portal, or the south through Mbarara and Kamwenge.

Another popular chimpanzee tourist site is Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary near Entebbe. This sanctuary, on a beautiful forested island, is home to chimpanzees illegally removed from the wild and confiscated by the authorities; a raised platform enables close viewing and makes feeding time an exciting activity to watch. This Chimpanzee Tour lasts about half a day, travelling either by a modified traditional Ssese canoe or a faster motor boat. An overnight stay, at a simple mobile camp, can be arranged. The entrance fees paid goes towards looking after the chimpanzees.

For the Primate adventure lovers Uganda chimpanzee safari tours are the most desirable options. This trip offer great experience to explore the species of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. So if you want to spend some time with this wonderful  creature of the world, plan  your Uganda Safaris with Experience Africa, a tour and travel company based in Kampala Uganda and have some unforgettable experience.

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