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Wildlife Safari in Lake Mburo National Park

Wildlife Safari in Lake Mburo National Park


A good number of Wildlife herds roam throughout the savanna grass land of Lake Mburo national park to the extent that even passersby stop vehicles to view the beautiful creatures as they move freely in their home in search for eats. Being a home to several herds of wildlife, Zebras, Buffaloes, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, impala, elands, topis, reedbucks, giraffes, leopards, and Hyenas the park is an outstanding ground for short wildlife safari tours as well as camping holidays. Many tourists camp inside the park for a couple of days and weeks and some visit the park on other tour arrangements –Luxury wildlife safaris and midrange holidays. Available passionate lodges of the park include Rwakobo Rock, Mantana Tented Camp, Mihingo Lodge, Mburo Safari Lodge, Eagle’s Nest Lodge, Mpogo Lodge, and Rwonyo Camp Site for budget tours. However one can spend a night in either mbarara town or lyantonde and still make it for morning game drive at the park. Some travelers consider exploring the park wildlife by horse and even request for bush breakfast and lunch awesome experience you will never find anywhere else in Africa other than Uganda.

Wildlife is beauty but the zebras in Lake Mburo are too unique and outstanding, their hairy stripes in black and white which make them look gorgeous and you may think you looking at lovely fabric print. Interestingly the strips pattern together the thing you only notice when you get close to it. Zebras like moving in herds and groups a general method they use to defend themselves from predators because predators get confused looking at several stripes of black and white hence making it difficult for them to indentify a particular zebra to feast on. The Zebra colour also put off some insects which only know single colours.However their striking stripes guide them to one another while in the wild. In Lake Mburo the most worry for zebras are the hyenas though Zebras always defend themselves since they move and graze in groups and herds. Besides the animals welcome all guests to the park without missing out on any since they are too social and found in every corner of the park.

The peaceful, social tall wildlife, the Giraffe make you love the park even more now that it cemented the lose gap of game viewing at Lake Mburo national park. Awhile ago Giraffes where only found in Murchison falls National Park unlike today that one can find giraffes in three Uganda parks, Kidepo, Lake Mburo, and Murchison falls making it the best place for family holidays. Amazing moments don’t seem to phase out in Uganda, as you still praising the beauty of the zebras, giraffes also show up at the lake to drink water and as they bend their body, every traveller gets a new assignment of photography a nice moment to look at every one engaged Better photo shoots are always grabbed showing the real beauty of an African Giraffe. A critical look at their tall body filled up with spots with more hair concentration on the back makes you appreciate nature and its beauty. Did you know that despite the animals looking alike none of them share the same patterns with the other? All giraffes are different and naturally beautiful. They always walk around the park savanna as they eat plants,& vegetation.

Still to come is the shaggy haired animal the Defassa Waterbucks always brown in colour covered with light hair which can’t keep or store water. The animal hair acts as a water repellent in case the animal falls in a Lake or swamp though some people think it lives in water. Common defessa waterbuck in Lake Mburo have wide white patches on the either side of the rump and males have horns. The horn curves are for defense though they are the most disturbed by predators. The animals also like spending time roaming around the park wood lands but only venture into water to run away from predators. However as you enjoying viewing all the park wildlife remember to carry your binoculars because birding safaris are excellent in the park and one can watch over 350 bird species. Hippos are other park interesting creatures you will come across as you relax in leisure during the afternoon boat cruise. Remember the park has many tourist activities which you can take on and feel relaxed, Nature walks, sport fishing, horse riding, and amazing views photography of rolling hills.

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