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Interested in taking a Safari to Uganda? For you to have quality time in the country you need to have clear information that will guide you through planning a wonderful travel experience in Uganda.

There are a million reasons why you should visit Uganda for a safari. Pleasant climate is one of the reasons that makes Uganda a loved country.

When is the best time to Visit Uganda?

You need to know when to visit Uganda for different reasons. You may be visiting the country for different activities. However what you should know is that Uganda is an all year round destination. Given its warm climate all year around, you can visit the country any time of the year. Since it lies on the Equator, seasonal temperature variations are insignificant.

If you are planning for an activity that involves hiking or trekking, the main factor you should consider when planning a safari to Uganda is the rainfall pattern. This is very important if you are planning a hiking or a camping safari in Uganda’s national parks. Though hiking is still possible during the wet season as well, you will not enjoy this experience.

Uganda’s climate is characterised by two seasons; the dry season and the wet season. The wettest months are April, May, October and November. During these months, camping isn’t very practical given that it is wet most of the time. Hiking can be an endurance test and some unsurfaced roads may be difficult to pass through. This is the reason as to why Uganda receives most of its tourists during the dry season i.e June to September and December to March.

Travel Ducuments

You have in advance to have a valid passport and that it won’t expire within six months of the date on which you intend to leave Uganda. When it comes to visas, Nationals of most countries require a visa in order to enter Uganda. This can be obtained in advance at any Ugandan Embassy or high commission abroad but in most cases it will be simpler to purchase the visa upon arrival. Visa rulings are prone to any changes so all visitor are required to check with their embassies or high commissions before coming to the country.

In case you would prefer to drive or hire a vehicle while in Uganda, organize an international driving license, which you may be asked to produce together with your original license. Any AA office in a country in which you are licensed to drive will do this for a nominal fee. You may sometimes be asked at the border or international airport for an international health certificate showing you have had a yellow fever shot.

Once in Uganda and through with customs and immigrations, you will require to change you currency to Ugandan currency and there are 24 hour foreign exchange facilities at the airport and in Kampala though the rates are more expensive than the prevailing rates on the general market. A private taxi from the air port to the Uganda’s city centre in Kampala costs around USD30. The other alternative is to get a motor cycle commonly know as Boda Boda and it drops you in Entebbe town where you will have to board a matatu from or if you conducted any tour operator, transportation will be easier for you because the tourist van will be available.

It is advisable that visitors to Uganda take anti-malarial medication. The use of mosquito repellents and nets are recommended for use especially those taking out camping holidays in Uganda.