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Tourism Service Providers

What Service Are You looking for?

Looking for a particular tourism service? Looking for a reliable tour operator, travel agency, tour guide or car rental agency in Uganda? There are many service providers in Uganda, known to offer the best service that you might be looking for. Here is a complete listing tourism service providers in Uganda. Most of these service providers have been recommended by several travelers who have tasted their services and have scored good marks on review sites such as,, Thorn tree Travel Forum, etc.

Car Rental Agencies

There are several car rental agencies in Uganda. These offer a vast choice of rental cars that you can use to travel through Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. You can go on a road trip through some of the best national parks and game reserves in country with a 4×4 car. Here are some of the car rental agencies that you can use while in Uganda

Uganda Car Rental
Room 2C, Najja House
Entebbe Road, Kampala
Tel: +256 789741049

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