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Save on your Rental Car in Uganda

Save on your Rental Car in Uganda


Uganda being a developing country, its is of no doubt many car rental companies and tour companies are starting up. Many of these companies have different services they offer. Some are just strictly car rental while others are travel related. Basically they do more than just getting you in the car. This is common with new car rentals in Uganda owned by professionals who see a great deal in starting car rental companies. Some other companies that ar tour related will give you travel advice, design you routes if you want to adventure, whether on business trip, volunteer trip or on a self drive in Uganda. Preferably these are the first companies you should give a first thought because you will be hitting two birds with one stone. However before you travel to Uganda and need hire a car in Uganda, consider taking some tips so you could save on your car rental in uganda

Avoid the airport taxis and car rental. Most airport taxis and car rentals tend to hike lots of the car rental prices because the y typically know how urgent you need to get off the airport to your desired destinations. Further more the the airport taxis incur alot of costs and taxes which in turn is levied on the hirer. There are also people who don’t care about the price and will pay any amount so the car rental companies are used to this, they have no problem giving you high prices and still maintain it. Just like any airports around the world, Uganda Entebbe airport is expensive as well. Office rentals as well. Car rental agencies out the airport are cheap and can offer the same service as the airport car rental agencies.

Let go of international name brands. Most of the travellers to Uganda always want security and safety but also forget this comes with high costs. These inland companies and most especially local car rental agencies in Uganda offer the same service as the international brands like avis, hertz and many more. The local car rental companies in Uganda actually offer the best rental prices and travel advice for Uganda. Look out to companies like Auto rental Uganda that will offer you more than just getting you in the car. You could actually save over 20% if you let go the international brands. Local agencies are perfect just like the international brands.

Book early. If you have finally decided to travel to Uganda and need a car rental in Uganda whether a self drive in Uganda, booking early would save you lots of bucks. Most agencies accept to pay on arrival like auto rental Uganda but booking and having your rental car reserved for you will give you a great deal for your car rental in uganda

Set your price. Look down into your budget, how much do you need to spent, set your price offer to the car rental agency in Uganda.that acts as your best offer. look if the rental agency takes it and if not keep searching the internet until you get the agency that takes it up. If no agency takes up your offer consider adding a little bit so you get a good reasonable deal. Lookout to the company that accepts your cheaper price and give you a junk of a car for your car rental. An average price however will get you a nice car for your Uganda car rental purpose.

Do plenty of online research. All Uganda car rental agencies have a home page when searched on most search engines on the internet. Key words like 4×4 car hire Uganda, self drive car hire Uganda, car rental Uganda, self drive 4×4 car hire Uganda and many of the kind will give you a great result and perfect match regarding your car rental in Uganda. Look into each of the companies about us page, know the people you dealing with, look at the associated with get convinced before you finally send then an inquiry to them.



Its a typically Ugandan culture to negotiate on the prices. Most car rental prices for many agencies are in between $45 -$70 per day less fuel and driver. But if you can get on the negotiating platform then you could land yourself a good deal with the car rental agency. The prices usually cover comprehensive insurance and third party insurance. Usually when you want a driver included ask for a general car rental price to include the driver. Long time car rentals always come with great deals from the Uganda car rental agencies.


Now, if you rilly want that good deal with a car rental in Uganda, consider doing a pre-payment early enough. Usually if you are hiring a car in Uganda for adventure, and plan on visiting the jungles to track the gorillas and or the chimpanzees in Kibale,a booking for the permits is required. On such arrangements sending moneys to buy you the permits and have them reserved for you, its clever to add part payment for the car rental and usually with such an arrangement, you get good deals in the car rental prices

Look out for and avoid sneaky fees

If you plan on renting a car on a self drive in Uganda, just before you you take off the car and drive off, take pics of any scratches and anything sneaky you could think so you have evidence how you received the car. More so is with the fuel level at the gauge. Always endeavour to take note what fuel level you received the car with so you bring back for handover the car with same level of fuel. To avoid being charged those sneaky fees. usually Uganda car rental agencies cater for small mechanical faults upto $30, this you should always pay and get refunded when you return the car. Endeavour to keep the receipts.

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