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Traveling to Uganda for a safari is an extremely interesting and exciting adventure you will ever encounter in a lifetime but possessing all your travel documents before undertaking the trip is always the number one thing you should do. In most cases, the travel procedures are strict and unforgiving especially if you don’t possess the required documents in advance. Therefore, there is need to be prepared for your Uganda safari and thus you need the following travel documents;


A travel Visa is one of the must-have travel documents for tourists visiting Uganda but not all tourists are required to present Visas (for 90 days) especially from countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Jamaica, Barbados, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, Rwanda, Seychelles,  Burundi, Angola, Bahamas, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Comoros, Sierra Leone, Cyprus, Belize and Madagascar among others. However, you can check Immigration website for most up-to-date country specific information regarding Visas. You can obtain the Visa on arrival or in advance through the Foreign Embassies and online application. The East African Tourist Visa is also available at only $100 per person for tourists planning to visit Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.


A passport is also required for all tourists planning to travel to Uganda for a safari and make sure it is valid for 6 months after the date you plan to enter Uganda. Also make sure you have a copy of your passport and put in a different part of your luggage in the event that the original copy is stolen or lost.

Driver’s License

If you are planning to hire a car for a self drive safari in Uganda, you will be required to possess a valid International drivers’ permit/license but you can also be granted a specified driving period with proof of your driver’s license from your own country. Therefore before you even think or consider booking for the car, first inquire with the car rental company in Uganda for the exact rules and regulations concerning International driving and see the qualifications (such as age) that are needed.

Travel/Medical Insurance Information

Traveling abroad means bringing a proof of your International medical and travel insurance if you have already purchased it from your home country prior to the safari. Much as it is not compulsory to have them in Uganda, having travel insurance is good depending on the kind of safari you are undertaking. Therefore, keep a copy of this travel or medical insurance information in a different location of your luggage in the event that the original copy is lost or stolen.

Flight and Hotel Information (Accommodation Vouchers)

It’s always important to bring a copy of your flight itinerary as well as any other vital information related to the destination you are heading and where you will be staying during your safari in Uganda because traveling to this wonderful destination also requires a proof of your ticket (for going back home) in addition to the address of where you intend to stay.

Yellow Fever Inoculation Certificate

Every tourist traveling to Uganda is required to present an inoculation (vaccination) certificate against yellow fever. In addition to that, a copy of medical prescriptions may be ignored but is also important when undertaking a safari to Uganda.

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