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 It is best to have a valid passport that will not expire within six months of the date you intend to leave Uganda. Should your passport get stolen or lost while in Uganda, it is generally easier to get a replacement if you have a photocopy of the important pages.


 Nationals of most countries need a visa to enter Uganda and although previously it was better to buy these well in advance at any Ugandan embassy or High Commission abroad, it’s simpler to buy the visa upon arrival and much as some queuing is inevitable, it’s a straightforward procedure and cheaper since one gets there visa there and then of course after they have queued.
A standard single entry visa valid for three months costs US$ 50, student visa’s cost US$ 100 and multiple entry visa’s (6-12 months) cost US$ 100, (24 months)  US$150 and (36 months) US$200. Once in East Africa, a single entry visa for Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania allows you to visit either of the other two countries (when you’ve met their visa requirements) without and return without having to apply for another visa. However, this is different for Rwanda and Congo. If you leave Uganda for these countries (say to track gorillas), you must purchase another visa on re-entry but if you intend to spend seven days in Uganda before leaving again, then you purchase a transit visa. Otherwise you will incur more for another visa and on top of that most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Rwanda which can also be bought on arrival at any border.

Please Note

 Visa rulings are subject to change, so make sure you check the current quotations with your travel agent or Ugandan diplomatic mission before you travel. Immigration authorities will now generally stamp your passport for a maximum of one month upon arrival but you can have this extended to three months at any immigration office although in Kampala you will be asked to provide a letter from a sponsor or hotel at which you are staying which is all standard procedure but in Jinja it can be extended without any of this. Multiple entry visas are only issued at Immigration Head Quarters in Kampala.
Illegal stay is fined US$ 30 per day.

Visa Information for Uganda Visitors

If you plan to enter Uganda either for business or as a tourist, you need to have a Uganda visa fixed on your valid passport. If you are a citizen of one of the exempted countries, you do not need to have a Uganda travel visa to enter the country. The following are the details of visa exempted countries. You are not mandated to bring or own a visa to visit Uganda if you are a citizen of the following countries: Angola, Burundi, Comoros, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi Mauritius, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Also exempted are citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Fiji, Gambia, Grenada, Jamaica, Lesotho, Malta, Sierra Leone, Singapore Solomon Islands St Vincent & the Grenadines, Tonga, Vanuatu, Italy (Only diplomatic passport holders) and Cyprus.

To obtain a Uganda visa, you need to complete the online application and upload your photo. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Print the confirmation page and mail it with your valid passport and money order. Your passport needs to have at least 6 months validity remaining. For business visa applicants, you need a notarized letter from your employer which contains the following information; nature of business, duration of stay, and financial responsibility of costs in the trip. Non-US passport holders must provide a copy of proof of legal stay in the US upon application. Also, enclose a self-addressed express or priority return envelope. Upon arrival in Uganda, you need to present proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination.

There are different types of Visa one has to know as long as he plans to apply for any Visa. A Tourist Multiple is a type of visa granted to those who wish to enter Uganda more than once during the period of validity. A Uganda multiple visa can be valid for either six months. The consular fee associated with this type of visa is $100.

A Business Single visa is a type of visa is granted to those who wish to enter Uganda for business purposes. This only allows one entry during the three (3) months validity period. The consular fees for this visa type is $50. While a Business Multiple is a type of visa granted to those who wish to enter Uganda more than once during the allowed validity period. The consular fee for this type of visa is $100.

Tourist and business single visas are only valid up to three (3) months upon arrival. For all the multiple entry visas, however, you can be granted validity for either six months or one year after arrival.

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